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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 14, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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for residents to contact them if they smelled gas prior to the blast. they say determining whether there was a gas leak could be a key clue in what caused the gas line to fail. if it failed catastrophically that means it's unlikely that there would be a gas smell. if it failed by virtue of a leak, then there would be smell of gas. there are now seven ntsb investigators still at the scene of the explosion. meantime they are among the first on the scene and today many first responders are sharing painful stories of what it was like moments after the deadly explosion and fire. ktvu's rob roth is in san bruno tonight with the details, rob. >> reporter: firefighters were facing, this is part of the blast zone from clairmont drive.
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many police and firefighters worked desperately to get people to safety, at times risking their own safety. the calls came in immediately. >> we looked out the back door and we could see the fire ball. >> reporter: the explosion hit close to home for one san bru no police officer. >> i knew living right near the blast zone, i knew my family was home. >> reporter: for most of the evening he said he didn't know if his family was safe but he kept working. his family survived. >> when we do or job, we are supposed to tune out our political beliefs, our religious beliefs, but when it hits this close to home, it's hard to do that. >> reporter: firefighters tried to fight the fire but they found that became difficult
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after the fire stopped a fire hydrant. >> we were left helpless, and we were only allowed so far because of the fire wall. >> reporter: many know this now burned out area well. >> it was probably one of the hardest things i ever had to do. this is my family. the neighbors they walk their dog, we see them day in and day out. >> reporter: we are back live on clairmont drive, you can see some cars that are now nothing more than shells. see what went well and where they coulhave done better. those we spoke to say they gave it all they had. reporting live in san bruno, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight we're hearing for the first time the audio recordings of fire dispatch and
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emergency crews communicating in the first few minutes after the explosion. >> we have no water at the hydrant. we need them to bring it to us. >> copy that. >> we think we have a broken water main down here so they need to come in from the corner of san bruno avenue. >> we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. >> also on the tapes we heard some confusion at first as to what exactly was causing the flames. you hear first responders telling dispatchers that it appears that a plane went down. it ended uptaking about 20 minutes before authorities on the scene realized it was actually a gas line explosion. the san mateo coroner's office identified a fourth victim of that explosion and fire as 81-year-old elizabeth torrez. the torrez family said she only made it to her front porch on
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clairmont drive before she was overcome by flames from thursday's blast. we also learned today funeral services already held later this week for the other three victims. 30-year-old jessica morales. jaquelin grey and her 3-year- old daughter janessa. we've also learned that three members of the bullis family are missing. the coroner's office tells ktvu it is investigating bone fragments to find if they are human. the proposal is backed by pg & e. the amount of insurance coverage that insurance
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companies are making available to the utilities has gone down significantly. so now utilities want customers to help cover the cost. >> they would only be paying if whatever the insurance doesn't cover. >> they are proposing that rate payers insure risks that the insurance companies are unwilling to insure. >> regardless of what happens with this request,pg & e says it will not try to recover any of the costs from the san bruno tragedy. and stay with ktvu for the aftermath of the san bruno explosion. after more than a year in an iranian prison, one of three american hikers was reunited with her mother late today. and tonight sarah shord is speaking out about her ordeal. as we're learning new details about her release. rita williams is in the newsroom now with the latest developments. >> reporter: it's been a long time coming. almost 14 months in solitary
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confinement in an iranian prison. today sarah shord was freed on half a million dollars bail. >> i know how much effort had gone into this and i'm extremely -- >> reporter: shord then flew to iman where she met her mother nora. they released sarah because she is depressed and recently found a lump in her breast. >> the gates have flown open, even though just momentarily. but this gives us hope and hope gives us a lot. >> reporter: iranian guards arrested three university of california graduates almost 14 months ago.
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saying the hikers illegally crossed the unmarked border with iraq. >> you're happy and sad at the same time. >> reporter: happy for sarah's release. sad that his son shean and son scene have not been released. >> we hope that the compassion can be extended. we're asking the iranian authorities to continue that compassion, bring both boys home. >> reporter: iran's president is coming to the united states to speak to the united nations next week. tonight a spokesman for the state's department twitted a challenge to that president to bring the two still inprisoned americans with him when he comes here next week. reporting live rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a court hearing to decide a change of venue for the trial
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of yusuf bey iv. a richmond man drowned this morning in a boating accident just off the richmond coastline. four men were setting off for an early morning fishing trip when the boat struck a rock wall and tipped over to its side. at least three men were thrown into the water. >> one man was going under, i pulled him into the boat. i saw another man floating by, i tried to help him, i had too much clothes on. >> that man identified now as roland reed has died. the coast guard is investigating the cause of the crash this has the -- the next time you get a
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drink in san francisco, it may cost you more. ktvu's david stevenson is in san francisco with the details and reaction -- david. >> reporter: an francisco's alcohol cost recovery fee aims to recoop costs by problem drinkers here in the district. san francisco's board of supervisors today approved new fees next year for liquor distributers. >> 35-cents a gallon for a gallon of beer. a gallon of wine will be charged at $1. and a gallon of spirits or hard liquor will be charged at $3.20. the goal is to recover as much as $16 million in
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nonreimbursed costs for ambulances used by problem drinkers. >> people who are coming out are eating and drinking less because they have less money to spend. >> there's no encouragement for them to pick up a case of beer in san francisco and take it home when they can go down the street to their local store. >> reporter: but the measure supporters say it'll help clean up the streets and help the city over all. >> it will help deal with chronic inebriation. >> reporter: mayor gavin newsom's office calls the fee bad for business and has
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indicated he will veto it. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson. bill clinton apparently doesn't hold a grudge. the former president endorsed brown four days after brown made a joke. councilwoman jean quan made allegations -- >> we are expecting a lot of money to be spent on this race but what we weren't expecting was to break the rules of
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what's sound. >> mr. p era na was not invited to that press conference but has told us by e-mail that he has and always will abide by campaign guidelines. it's a case of who done it in solano county. they call this the kill zone. investigators say delta fish wiped out by what could be criminal negligence on the part of one of california's biggest companies. that story still ahead. and of course i'm tracking that weather system out in the pacific. rain is in the forecast, i'll show you when. plus who has just sealed the deal as the next american idol judge and boy does she come with a hefty price tag.
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there's a criminal investigation under way of chevron. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler is live in wheeler island in solano county tonight with our report. john. >> reporter: wheeler island here in the sasoon delta had been wetlands, flooded wetlands for years until someone illegally drained it. killing off fish and wildlife. the stink is powerful. what had been what we're told is 700 acres of wetlands and a duck pond now dry and dying. state fish and game investigators told me they counted at least 1500 dead fish. a few lifeless puddles of brown water remain. a natural gas pipeline runs through here and chevron acknowledges it hired a contractor to do pipeline maintenance. as we showed you four years
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ago, this levy break flooded wheeler island. it's across the delta from the break point. fish and game says wildlife in the enclosed marsh is protected. chevron had a permit for dry site work only. but that chevron's contractor pumped the pond dry killing the fish. fish and game investigators say illegally killing fish is a misdemeanor and they are asking for the public's help in this criminal investigation. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu news. california is now on the verge of having the most overdue budget in state history. lawmakers are quick to point fingers at each other and the governor to avoid blame for the budget stalemate. but some lawmakers remain optimistic that they will be able to reach an agreement. >> my view is that we're getting closer and closer. makes no sense that not just to
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divide it two, come up with an answer and give it to the public. >> the late when a budget was ever passed was september 16th. it appears that jennifer lopez is the next american idol, judge that is. both tmz and people magazine are reporting that jennifer lopez has signed a $12 million one year deal. lopez has been a rumored front runner along with aero smith's lead singer tyler. simon cowel and ellen degeneres both left last season. and changing could be on the way for the end of the week. let's check in with our chief meteorologist, bill martin. >> it all changes around with rain in the forecast. not a lot of rain but it is
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still summer and it is something you don't usually expect. there's the fog right now. most of the fog will be around your neighborhood tonight. tomorrow we're looking at increasing clouds from the coast. clearing by the afternoon, slightly warmer tomorrow. in the extended forecast is a chance of some showers. temperatures tomorrow will be a degree or two warmer. nice day, low 80s in the warm spots. right now it looks like it's going to impact the entire bay area weekend. this is not a major storm but it is unusually strong for this time of year. it means drizzle and sprinkle for most of us. that's on friday.
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meantime we're looking at warmer conditions. just a little bit warmer, high pressure continues to do what it's supposed to do. that will keep us dry until, the clouds start to move in here. so if you have plans on friday, saturday and sunday -- i don't even think this is a deal breaker. temperatures will still be warm but it'll be drizzly and springily at times. friday afternoon not a big deal. saturday afternoon looks like there's a second wave that has a little more push. right now this shower activity is north. this is a basic blueprint for this weather system based on what the computer model says. this is going to change. the timing will change a little bit. how far south, how far north. let's just keep in mind. certainly looks like that could be the case because the system that we're tracking out there, definitely has a lot of push to it. the five day forecast is like this, enjoy the next two because it's going to get a little bit cloudy and showerly
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as we get into the weekend. >> thank you, bill. unemployment is hitting veterans especially hard. veterans service group says the jobless rate among vets is as high as 21%. in san francisco today the group held its third annual veteran career fair to help address the problems. many employers understand that vets come into the job market with some distinct advantages. >> the thing that is veterans have going for them is they are veterans, they served their country. employers like that, the discipline, the can do attitude and the willingness to be at work. >> last year it helped 350 veterans get training thanks to grants from the department of labor and private grants. and the giants are playing
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meaningful september baseball. i'll have the details next in sports.
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tonight the san francisco
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giants and their fans are raising money for the fire victims. giants third baseman pablo sandoval was affected by the fire. he was renting a home and his mother who was staying in the home with us safely evacuated. >> yes, my mother is fine. everyone in my family is fine. and if ever is giants needed barry zitto to do anything more than pitch well, today was the night. >> he hasn't won since july 15th. the giants can definitely enjoy a great outing from barry zito. they have just a game behind the padres. no such thing as just another game for them. joe fonzi is standing by to bring us up to date as the giants prepare for this thing, just a little over 45 minutes away. >> mark, maybe the most
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significant thing besides going seven of three, was that john napta was lost. i talked to ross just a few minutes ago about his roll in all of this. >> we're going to miss torrez, he's a huge part of this team and he has been all year. we're anxious to get him back because he's a catalyst. me and rowan know that we're going to have to pick up the slack. >> right now we're going to go with our experience and these guys have been through it. they know how to play and i think they are looking forward to getting this opportunity. >> this is what you look for. this is september baseball, i'm trying to make it to the play offs is you know the crowd is
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electric. everybody is excited, every pitch matters, that's what you dream of. >> reporter: it's always a big deal when the giants face the angels. reporting live, i'm joe fonzi, mark. >> i'm sure giant fans, joe, hope that it's a lot better night for them than it is for the a's so far. kansas city royals 11-oakland zero. what highlights there is of that game we will bring you at 10:00. giants sending zito to the pound. it's an awful thing about torrez, doesn't his appendix know it's september? >> he will be able to play? >> if they make it to the play offs he might be able to play.
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coming up, richmond city leaders announced a new deal that they say could be a huge step in that city's recovery. a major auto maker is one huge key to that plan that is expected to and tens of millions of the dollars to that city's economy and is already adding new jobs. the full story coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. that is our show for tonight. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. thank you for joining us. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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